New patient process

about this method

American Spinal Clinic Treatment System utilizes structural correction chiropractic combined with unique specialized spinal rehabilitation equipment to correct and improve the spinal dysfunctions causing your symptoms and functional loss.

Identifying and understanding the cause of your health condition

The first step to recovery is identifying and understanding the cause of your health condition through our unique diagnosis procedures.
The new patient process begins with a one on one detailed consultation to help the doctor understand your condition and symptoms.

Consultation and Examination

Once the consultation is completed, a comprehensive examination consisting of orthopedic and neurological test are performed to analyze and locate damage and abnormal functions of the spinal system.


Digital posture analysis and x-rays

Digital posture analysis and x-rays are then performed and analysed using 41 measurements and 23 angles to help locate the cause of your spinal conditions and symptoms.


We utilize sitting xrays because it put 50% more stress load on the spinal structures and allows us to identify and diagnosis spinal system damage and failures that do not show up in recumbent MRI and CT scan or standing xray.

Sitting x-rays allows us to test the weight bearing function of the spinal structures and identity the patients individual spinal dysfunctions causing the patients symptoms and functional loss.


STANDING                 VS

utilize standing xrays


utilize sitting xrays


The goal of our care is to have the patient improved symptomatically, functionally, and structurally and most importantly teach you how to take care of your spine so you’re less likely to be dependent on doctors in the future.