Our treatment system

about this method

The American Spinal Clinic Treatment System of care rehabilitates the weakened and damaged spinal system and its parts (muscles, ligaments, fascia, discs, bone, and nerves) decreasing pain, improving function, improving structure, and quality of life.

The American Spinal Clinic Treatment System has 3 major treatments components working synergistically together to achieve phenomenal results without drugs or surgery.


The first step in the rehabilitation of a damaged weaken spine, is known as our flexibility and hydration procedures. Specialized structural chiropractic rehabilitation equipment designed to increasing spinal flexibility, improving spinal disc hydration and nutrition, and decreasing stiff painful muscles, ligaments, and tendons along the patient’s spine.

Wobble Chair

Improves damaged discs, increases flexibility, decreases pain and strengths the low back.

Vibration traction

Relieves stress, pain and tension in the neck and lower back and improves spinal disc damage.

Repetitive Cervical Traction

Decreases painful tight tissues in the neck and mid back and rehabilitates damaged discs.

Spinal Decompression

Rehydrates and improves the healing of damaged discs. It decreases tight muscles for better overall spinal correction and spinal health.

Flexion Distraction Table with Core Stimulation

Reduces tight muscles in the neck and back, relieves muscle spasms, decreases pain/inflammation, and rehabilitates and rehydrate damaged discs. Increases circulation and initiates the healing process.

2. Spinal Alignment Procedures

Once the supporting spinal structures are relaxed, flexible and spinal discs are rehydrated the doctor will then direct the spine into proper alignment based off 41 measurements and 23 angles from the X-rays through safe, gentle and effective spinal adjustments, referred to as the Structural Chiropractic Alignment Procedures.

Spinal Alignment

Safely aligns the spine for decrease pain, better function and improved range of motion.

3. Strengthening and Reeducation Procedures

Once we get the spine into an improved alignment we want the body to start hold these new improved positions naturally. This is the we apply the Strengthening and Re-education Procedures. Retraining the brain and strengthening the posture muscles along the spine to get the body to hold the new positions naturally. This is achieved through the use of our specialized body weighting system combined with specialized vibration therapy. The vibration therapy strengths postural muscles, decreases inflammation and pain, increases circulation, increases flexibility, and improves bone mass.

Body Weighting on the Vibe
Strengthens and retrains your brain and postural muscles improving your spine and posture, decreasing pain and accelerating your improvements.

4. Home Rehabilitation System

Our unique clinic treatment combined with a patient specific home rehabilitation program accelerates the improvements and helps to maintain your results.