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Neck and Back Pain – Miglena Georgieva

For 15 years Miglena Georgieva has suffered from neck and back pain. After visiting The American Spinal Clinic, she was able to regain the normal rhythm of a pain-free life.

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Neck Pain – Diana Georgieva

Diana Georgieva has been suffering from neck pain and was unable to move in the last few months before deciding to try the innovative treatment methods in the American Spinal Clinic. After one course of treatment she regains her normal lifestyle.

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Disc Herinations – Cvetislava Lozanova

Her problems  started 10 years ago. She had two disc hernias. The third was the turning point in her life and forced her to look for solution.

“After the first treatment course in the clinic there was a significant improvement. After the period of home rehabilitation, I did a second course of treatment and I felt even better. I’m glad that the clinic’s team is very kind.”

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Disc Herinations – Dr. Simeonova

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Disc protrusion – Pavlina Marinova

After 10 weeks treatment at the American Spinal Clinic Pavlina Marinova is feeling much better. She is now able to live her previous lifestyle. Since her conditions have improved, Pavlina continues with the home rehabilitation program which helps to keep the achieved results.

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Neck and back pain – Mike Skinner

See Mike Skinner’s successful story and how he managed to achieve relieve for his neck, back and shoulder pain with the help of the American Spine Clinic.

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