Dr. Mark N. Berry, D.C.

DR. MARK N. BERRYDr. Mark N. Berry, D.C. specializes in nonsurgical scoliosis reduction, and structural correction of spinal conditions and disc disorders. He has received advanced training in spinal corrective procedures in the USA for over a decade. Dr Berry is an international speaker and lecturer, as well as renowned instructor on biomechanics, scoliosis, and postural correction treatment methods. Dr. Berry has successfully treated thousands of patients and consulted and trained numerous doctors worldwide in advanced spinal correction techniques.

Dr. Berry operated a large spinal correction and scoliosis clinic in Alabama for 8 years. Dr. Berry’s professional passion for innovative natural healthcare methods, has brought him to the American Spinal Clinic in Sofia. He is proud to be a part of our dynamic team, bringing his expertise and cutting edge treatment solutions for spinal disorders to Europe.

Dr. Berry earned his Doctorate of Chiropractic Degree at Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas,USA. He is committed to providing superior patient care by combining cutting edge technology with advance rehabilitation and corrective treatment strategies. His goal is to get patients out of pain and keep them out of pain.

Dr. Berry has a genuine passion for the outdoor lifestyle, and enjoys spending time camping while fishing and hunting. When his schedule permits he enjoys travelling to new countries and experiencing new cultures. Dr. Berry also has a passion for cooking and wine, and considers himself a foody.