Dr. Leonardo Guttler, Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Leonardo Guttler earned his Master of Chiropractic Degree from Madrid College of Chiropractic, Spain. He has received advanced training in spinal corrective procedures at the Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport, USA. He has also attended numerous professional courses in Brazil, Spain, England, Germany and the Netherlands.

Dr. Leonardo Guttler specializes in the non-surgical treatment of spinе related conditions and posture correction. He has extensive professional experience for more that 14 years. From 2005 till 2017 Dr. Leonardo Guttler managed a private health clinic in Blumenau, Brazil, where he worked as the Head Doctor of Chiropractic and in 2018 he joined the team of health specialists in a private clinic in the Netherlands.

His professional passion for Chiropractic and innovative healthcare methods, has brought him to the American Spinal Clinic in Sofia, Bulgaria. He is proud to be a part of our team of specialists, bringing his expertise and treatment solutions for spinal disorders to Bulgaria.

Aiming at his constant professional development, over the last 10 years Dr. Leonardo Guttler has attended international congresses, symposiums and seminar in the USA, Brazil and Panama. He speaks fluently Portuguese, English and Spanish, and is learning Bulgarian as well.