Standard Scoliosis Treatment in Sofia, Bulgaria

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Our standard non-surgical, non-bracing scoliosis treatment protocol is designed for patients who live within driving distance of our clinic, typically within a 3-hour radius. We call it “standard” because it follows a typical timeline and not the “intensive treatment” schedule. The appointments range between thirty minutes to two hours, depending on your condition, stretched comfortably over three to four months.

What can you expect when you go in for American Spinal Clinic’s Standard Scoliosis Treatment?

American Spinal Clinic’s Standard Scoliosis Treatment works to relieve your pain, stabilize and reduce your curvature, and get you back to a healthy place in a non-surgical, non-bracing way. That’s right…no surgery, no bracing, effective results.

First, the muscles, tendons, and ligaments each need to be warmed up separately so the spine can be moved effectively, so we mix—or warm up—the spinal tissues. Then we perform a gentle spinal manipulation, moving the spine and eliminating any dysfunctional motions. Then we use active body orthotics and other rehabilitative procedures to “retrain” your brain to effectively hold and stabilize the scoliotic curvature. (See more of what to expect on your first visit here.)

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