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Vibration therapy had its beginnings in Russia’s space program. They experimented with vibrational platforms as a way to prevent the astronauts from losing bone and muscle mass while in space. Word slowly spread through Europe and the U.S. and soon vibrational platforms began to appear in fitness clubs.

Vibration therapy helps regain muscle strength, helps with bone density, and is a critical component of our neuromuscular reeducation program. It is a very effective tool in “retraining” the brain to use correct posture and bio-mechanics. When you stand on the vibration platform, your posture muscles have to make multiple rapid adjustments, as many as 50 times per second, to adapt and balance. Exercises performed on vibration platforms can be as much as three times more effective than if they were done alone.

Vibration therapy can also increase bone density, reduce pain and inflammation, promote immune response, increase healing in sprains, strains, and fractures, promote joint flexibility, decrease stress, increase energy levels, and aid in detoxification of the body. And according to many of our patients, vibration therapy has the added bonus of providing an overall feeling of relaxation. Please contact our clinic any time to learn more about this.

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