What To Expect

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What to Expect


You can expect a two-visit new patient process, which is one of the reasons why American Spinal Clinic has a high patient success rate. We thoroughly assess your condition and determine how your body will respond to our treatment programs.

Your First Visit

On your initial visit, you receive a thorough case history and a physical examination by our medical team. We take an initial set of x-rays, if indicated. The X-rays allow us to visualize the spine in its three dimensions see where stress points may be in your spinal system.

Your Second Visit

Prior to your second visit, our team reviews your examinations and tests. Then, on your second visit we discuss your exam and test findings with you. If our treatment program proves to be a good match for your condition, we outline a treatment plan.

If you or your family will be staying a few days for treatment, we have a list of nearby hotels, restaurants, and entertainment.

Our office has a no hidden cost policy; we inform you ahead of time of any out of pocket expense so you don’t run into any surprises.

Any questions? Please see our FAQs or call our office at +359 700 11 285 .

Call 7 days a week for a Consultation, +359 700 11 285 , or simply contact us here. Consultations can be done online, via the phone, or in person.

The Clinic does not engage in any form of medical treatments or medical diagnosis online. If you send us an email or make a phone call, this does not establish a doctor-patient relationship, even if we answer it. The Clinic reserves the right at its own discretion to decline consultations.