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Dr Michael Farrell - Д-р Майкъл Фаръл, Доктор по хиропрактика

The ability to provide these new treatment options has a very significant meaning to me as a doctor. It is fantastic to see patients able to resolve their conditions without the invasiveness of surgery or bracing, which can sometimes result in severe disability. I love what we are able to accomplish and hope to be able to continue healing and restoring the quality of my patients’ lives.

Dr. Michael Farrell, D.C. is a co-founder and managing partner of the American Spinal Clinic. He specializes in scoliosis treatment, treatment of disc disorders of the spine, spinal decompression, as well as the Pettibon System of spinal rehabilitation and correction. He has received advanced training in scoliosis treatment through the CLEAR Institute Scoliosis Treatment Center and is proud to represent a leading group of doctors capable of treating scoliotic curvatures non-surgically. He had the opportunity to serve on the CLEAR Institute non-profit’s board of advisors for several years. Dr. Farrell has more than 10 years of clinical experience and professional development. He treats a diverse patient base from around the world, most of whom travel to Sofia, Bulgaria or Northern Colorado, USA, specifically for our intense two to four week treatment programs.

Dr. Farrell owns several multi-disciplinary clinics in Colorado, USA, and he is a managing partner and co-founder of the American Spinal Clinic in Sofia, Bulgaria. These clinics bring the best of medicine, spinal rehabilitation, regenerative medicine, and chiropractic together under one roof.

Dr. Farrell does consulting work in the field of multi-disciplinary practice models as well as regenerative medicine. He has helped multiple doctors successfully integrate medicine, spinal rehabilitation, and chiropractic into fluid business models. Bringing state of the art treatment facilities that have advanced technology techniques and practitioners is Dr. Farrell’s passion.

Dr. Michael Farrell completed degrees in business management, as well minors in medicine and leadership, prior to his advance doctoral degree at Palmer College of Chiropractic, in Davenport, USA, the fountainhead of the profession. Dr. Farrell completed 4200 student/teacher contact hours in four years of full-time education. This included a minimum of 1000 hours of supervised clinical training as well. During his time at Palmer College of Chiropractic, Dr. Farrell participated in multiple technique associations. Dr. Farrell traveled to places in India, South America, and South Africa to practice and expand his natural health care skills. He also completed an internship at the first clinic in Colorado to offer Spinal Decompression, under the direction of the Colorado Sports Chiropractor of the year.

Dr. Farrell stays on the leading edge of physical medicine through extensive training seminars in rehabilitation programs, including the Pettibon technique.

Dr. Michael Farrell and his wife Tarryn, keep busy with their 3 children, dog and cat. He loves to spend time with friends and family, outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and scuba diving. He works out as often as his schedule will allow and loves the adventures travel and family bring to his life.

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